I am an instructor of Mathematics at Montana State University and live in beautiful Livingston, MT with my wife and daughter.

I began tutoring in 2006 shortly after I realized my passion and knack for mathematics. I began my tutoring career as a long term tutor/instructor for a student at my high school who was unable to attend. I served as her sole source of mathematical instruction for an entire academic year. This experience set me up for success as a future tutor of various levels of mathematics.

I refined my mathematical skills and expanded upon that knowledge base when I attended Kutztown University, where I obtained Bachelor of Science degrees in both mathematics and physics. I continued to tutor both privately and in conjunction with a university-sponsored tutoring service. I graduated in May of 2013.

In 2014 I was accepted into the Masters of Science in Mathematics program at Montana State University and in August of 2014 my family and I relocated from Pennsylvania. I graduated in May of 2016.