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I began tutoring in 2007 shortly after I realized my passion and knack for mathematics. I began my tutoring career as a long term tutor/instructor for a student at my high school who was unable to attend. I served as her sole source of mathematical instruction for an entire academic year. This experience set me up for success as a future tutor of various levels of mathematics.

I refined my mathematical skills and expanded upon that knowledge base when I attended Kutztown University, where I obtained Bachelor of Science degrees in both mathematics and physics. I continued to tutor both privately and in conjunction with a university-sponsored tutoring service. I graduated in May of 2013.

In 2014 I was accepted into the Masters of Science in Mathematics program at Montana State University and in August of 2014 my family and I relocated from Pennsylvania. While in Montana, during my graduate studies, I maintained my tutoring services as much as time would allow. I graduated in May of 2016.

As of August 2016 I am currently an instructor of mathematics at Montana State University and am offering tutoring services in Livingston and the surrounding area.



I offer lessons in a variety of math courses, ranging from middle school through college level. This typically includes (but is not limited to)

  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Geometry
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus I (any level: high school, AP, college, etc)
  • Calculus II
  • [Currently not offered] Calculus III (sometimes called Multivariable Calculus)
  • [Currently not offered] Differential Equations
  • Real Analysis (sometimes called Advanced Calculus)

In addition to math courses, I am able to tutor high school chemistry (non-AP at this time) and physics (AP or non-AP).

Rates: My rates are dependent upon subject area (math, physics, or chemistry).

  • Mathematics Courses - $40/hour
  • Physics Courses - $30/hour
  • Chemistry Courses - $25/hour

Availability: My availability is dependent upon my current semester's schedule at Montana State University (MSU). I will update this each semester. Between semesters I have full availability. During the semester I have availability both in Bozeman and Livingston. For Fall 2016:

  • Mondays & Fridays: 2pm-8pm (Bozeman) or 7pm-8pm (Livingston)
  • Wednesdays: 8am -8pm (Bozeman or Livingston)
  • Tuesdays: 5pm-8pm (Bozeman) or 7pm-8pm (Livingston)
  • Thursdays: 5pm-8pm (Bozeman) or 7pm-8pm (Livingston)
  • Saturdays & Sundays: 8am-8pm (Bozeman or Livingston)

Policies & Considerations: Depending on the course and student's needs, some additional policies may be in place. These are here to ensure that the student receives the highest quality of lesson and that the entire time can be devoted to study and practice.

  • Physics and Chemistry lessons require a preliminary consultation by any means (face-to-face, phone, or email) at no extra cost.
    • The purpose of this preliminary consultation is to determine what the student has learned up to the point of tutoring, which sections and chapters the class is currently learning, and how far the class intends to go. This gives me an outline of topics for which I can prepare lessons. Additionally, since I do not teach physics or chemistry it ensures I have time to adequately prepare.
  • Calculus II and Real Analysis lessons require a preliminary consultation by any means (face-to-face, phone, or email) at no extra cost.
    • These are advanced courses and this preliminary consultation helps to ensure our sessions are efficient and the bulk of the time is devoted to practice and instructional conversation. I will use this time to determine what topics have been covered, are currently being covered, and what topics will be covered. I will also gauge the degree to which prerequisite knowledge has been mastered.

Disclaimer: Since I am an instructor of mathematics at Montana State University, I am unable to offer tutoring services to MSU students currently enrolled in any section of a mathematics course I currently teach. For fall 2016, I am unable to offer tutoring for MSU's M171.

A windy day on Sacajawea Peak, MT.

A windy day on Sacajawea Peak, MT.


I am an instructor of Mathematics at Montana State University and live in beautiful Livingston, MT with my wife and daughter. When I'm not teaching I'm either outside exploring with my family or brewing beer and making wine.



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